Helen was sure

Helen was sure Helen rejoiced that the son is healthy, appear, that under feet again firm soil.

However, when to Mathew there were eighteen months, the medical examination performed by the patronage sister revealed problems.

Mathew protested when to him tried to check hearing.

Helen was sure that with hearing at the son everything is all right though she noticed that he hears selectively.

Mathew heard how cook food, the ware rings, there go cars, the word everything that it was pleasant to it.

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This slow

This slow And as in its case of anything in advance not predustan lenno, he should create for himself all mental life the person and all motor mechanisms which are means its expressions.

This slow being cannot hold the yet the head on weight, but it is already ready to behave as that child, which was revived by Jesus.

At first, it is told in the Gospel, the child sat down, then got up, and his Jesus gave to mother it.

In the same way and the motionless child will be eventually it is returned to mankind for active life on the earth.

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Ridiculously, but very

Ridiculously, but very You are predictable.

Ridiculously, but very it is probable that one of the ways doing you predictable is reduced to to the following: if your child long enough persists and delivers to you it is a lot of troubles, you start acting in strict accordance with it or its program if only to achieve reconciliation.

The fourth step is necessary for to create at your child other is perfect, new representation, namely: what you told, you will follow it out of dependences on that, how many efforts he will make, compelling you to give in.

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I have knives. I have

I have knives. I have I have no table.

I have tables.

I have no tables.

I have a window.

I have no window.

I have windows.

I have no windows.

I have a cat.

I have no cat.

I have cats.

I have no cats.

I have a jacket.

I have no jacket.

I have jackets.

I have no jackets.

I have a knife.

I have no knife.

I have knives.

I have no knives.

I have a pyramid.

I have no pyramid.

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And he has to know

And he has to know The girlfriend stood, was silent, turned pale.

Our daughter stood up for the quiet girl.

As a result to the director call me.

Do not hurry to condemn, did not learn all truth yet If the pupil called this teacher when she offended him at a lesson it is right.

Not in a form in fact.

And he has to know it that is right that in the right to protect the advantage.

Support the child even if he is shone by the continuous two.

However, you can and teach, set an example in such situation how to assert the rights and the advantage, and it a way to confidence and, so to internal force.

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At emergence

At emergence First the therapist holds the child by a hand and helps it to be tried on to rate of music which can not coincide with the speed chosen by the child.

At emergence of autistichesky stereotypic movements unceasing rocking which has very resistant character it is necessary to break a situation, having chosen speed faster, than rate of rocking to compel the child to realize this movement and music which perception eventually has to operate the movement.

I used this reception, working with the girl with a heavy form of autism: carefully moved, went, turned together with it, sang her name under two repeating piano chords, having chosen the necessary speed.

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She was behind

She was behind The girl furiously denied any changes in the developed order of things or stereotypic actions.

She was behind autism wall which at the same time was both a shelter and prison, hid behind a fencing from protective mechanisms, such as avoiding of visual contact, manipulation, fits of anger, a selective mutizm or refusal to perceive the speech of another.

At careful supervision over reactions of children with autism on music, as a rule, it is found out that sounds are not incentive to communication, though can get into consciousness of the child.

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